March 2016

In March, we will explore different forms of symmetry. In creating our designs we will be exploring math and art at the same time. We are observing March (national brain month) in the art room!          


Grade 1:
Two projects this month:

For St. Patrick's Day a celebration of color, green, of course! We will be creating many tints and shades of this month's favorite color. Students will continue to consider the principles of composition, with the addition of balance and symmetry.


Radial symmetry in snowflakes! Let's make a quilt and keep warm!

Grade 2: Snow people!
Drawing a human body requires consideration of proportion and often includes mirror symmetry.  Second graders will create images of themselves bundled up in coats, mittens, hats, and scarves!! Lots of color and lots of memories of the winter of 2014-15.


Using dark paper, white craypas, sponges, silver paint and collage our imaginative 2nd Graders will create fairy tale inspired castles.  There is mirror symmetry in this architecture as well. Then how about populating those dreams with knights, dragons and princesses?


Grade 3:
Using mirror symmetry, students will cut out a vase shape based on images of Chinese Ming ceramics.  Then they will create surface designs in blue on white.  The resulting image will be a variation on these timeless Chinese vases.

Grade 4: Students will explore the possibilities of Native American blanket design using two lines of mirror symmetry and grid paper


Grade 5: Fifth graders are inspired by Costa Rican art in the form ofcarreta or wooden ox carts with beautifully designed wheels usingradial or rotational symmetry. Rubber stamps will be used to create pattern and texture on the wooden standards of the cart.


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