November 2015

In November, we will explore

Text Box:  Printmaking

Grade 5:  
Our grade 5 students will use relief printmaking techniques to create the images of a smiley (or not a smiley face) out of simple shapes of cut foam.  The foam pieces will be adhered to a printing plate, then inked with a brayer and printed on printmaking paper.  We will look at the printmaking artwork of  Andy Warhol for our inspiration!


Grade 4:
Students will use the Japanese printmaking technique of Gyotaku to create an image of a fish on a background of paper that has been patterned with watercolor strokes suggesting water and sea plants.

Look at the amazing and inventive water-like patterns our fourth graders created!
One supply of deep turquoise watercolor, a brush and white paper equals a sea of possibilities.

Grade 3:  
Grade 3 will use construction paper to create a warp and then strips of construction paper for wefts. When their weavings are completed, students will use "found objects" to print designs on their weavings.
It is amazing how the children's clothes
sometimes echo the colors
we choose for our artwork!

Grade 2:
Students will print colorful, marbled images of a Very Hungry Caterpillar using varied forms of printing tools: sponges, erasers, bottle caps, etc. Thank you, Eric Carle, for all your wonderful and inspiring illustrations!


It is amazing how the children's clothes
sometimes echo the colors
we choose for our artwork!


Grade 1:  
Grade 1 students will use the printing technique of monoprints to create a reflected image.


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