November 2016

We want to understand the element of art called VALUE!
Value deals with the lightness or darkness of a color or neutral tone

Value is one of the seven elements of art.  It is extremely important in composing visual art.

Value can be used to create 
        • texture 
        • contrast
        • visibility
        • interest
        • form

In OCTOBER, we will explore the element of VALUE.

Grade 5:  VALUE used to create form
Wayne Thiebaud Gumball machines
Fifth graders drew a gumball machine in the style of Wayne Thiebaud and the Pop Art genre.  Creating value light and shadow,  with tempera paint as their medium, students created the illusion of form.

Grade 4: VALUE is used to create space and form
Matisse's Still Life Genre
In the style of Henri Matisse, students used crayons, watercolors, tempera and even liquid detergent bottle caps to turn 2 dimensional circles into spheres with form by adding a strong sense of light and shadow..


Grade 3:  VALUE is used to create drama and contrast
Line Drawing of a Witch's Head
Students explore the strength of line drawing to create a witch with her own indvidual personality.

Grade 2:  Large differences in VALUE create contrast and interest.
Halloween Silhouettes
Second graders drew spooky black silhouettes against a white background.  This black against white image is very dramatic and shows the strength of contrasting value differences.  Their Halloween themed drawings used the ideas of Ed Emberley and his Great Big Orange Drawing Book Through Mr. Emberley we came to believe, like he does, that no matter how complicated an object,we can draw it!  Just break it down into combinations of smaller shapes and lines. After finishing, we used printing techniques to create a custom made back and orange frame for our drawings.

Grade 1:  Large differences in VALUE create contrast and interest.
Hello Mr. Brush/Monkey
First Graders love to meet Mr. Brush and learn about how he's made, how he likes to be used, and how to be a good friend. Once those things are understood, we can work with Mr. Brush and use him to best advantage.

We will paint an image of a monkey using simple shapes. The dark valued paints against a lighter value paper will make a striking and charming image of a lovable monkey.